Glory to God

In the last days we all need to keep watch and pray. Jesus may in fact come soon and these might be the latter days. We should give thanks and glory to God in all things. Surely the Earth will be judged by God and the devil will tempt many and many will suffer because of Him. Especially those that don’t obey God and take upon themselves the mark of the beast. Those who trust in God and know that His judgments are truly righteous can overcome the evil of those days. Then those who have kept the faith, “the Christians” will later go to live on the New Earth called “New Jerusalem” which will come down from Heaven. They will live in New Jerusalem for a thousand years. Jesus will be their king and He will rule the Earth and nations will never again fight against each other neither will they learn war any more. When the thousand years with the Lord Jesus on Earth have ended they will then go up to Heaven. There they will live with the Father in His kingdom for ever. My heart rejoices in the Lord and I am thankful for the rewards of those that trust in Him. I myself am fully persuaded that my faith will not come to an end. I will overcome those things not through my power but through the power of the Lord Jesus Christ in whom I have put my trust. Surely if I have put my faith in a faithful, just, merciful and righteous God I will not be let down. I also hold in my heart the fact that even when I am unrighteous God is still righteous and if I repent He is faithful and just to forgive my sins and cleanse me from all unrighteousness. Amen

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