Jesus is Alive!

We should know that we are not guaranteed tomorrow. Salvation is possible for everyone that is saved.  There will be tough times, life will be hard and again I say nothing is for sure (only salvation through Jesus is guaranteed).  However, with God you can endure, and live forever in His kingdom.  His word is living and even now among us God’s power is active; changing lives and touching souls.  God is healing the sick, and freeing sinners from hell and inviting them into the Kingdom of His Dear Son Jesus Christ.  So let us all rejoice in the Lord and give glory to God for His power and mercy which is upon us.  The same God and only God who rose Jesus from the grave will raise us up when Jesus comes again.  We will meet Jesus in the air, and go to live in the New Earth called, New Jerusalem for one thousand years.  Then we will go up into Heaven to live with the Father forever. Amen

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