Jesus Christ God’s Son

Jesus Christ is the only Son of God, born of the virgin Mary born under the law and declared to be the son of God according to the spirit of Holiness. And Jesus proved His claim by the scriptures and through His resurrection from the dead. He also proved it by raising Lazarus from the dead. However, the best thing is that Jesus didn’t just prove who He was then but who He is now. Christ is always the same and He is with us even here today and He will be alive forevermore. Yes, Heaven and Earth will be gone. However, Jesus will live forevermore. Yes, Jesus has control over both death and life for He will kill the devil along with its slaves. Jesus will set those free who are captive if they receive Him as their Lord and Savior.

God does exist and you have been called to have fellowship with His Son Jesus Christ the Lord. I am completely confident and know in my heart that neither angels, tribulation, devil, famine, war or anything of evil now or anything to come will separate Christians from the love of God which is in Jesus Christ the Lord. Every person chooses His or Her own destiny, life or death is your choice. You can go to Hell with Satan if you choose to turn from Jesus Christ the Lord. Or you can live happily in God’s Kingdom forever. Grace, forgiveness, and mercy only comes through Jesus Christ the Lord. Amen

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