Jesus is Life

Reading the Bible we know that God will not forget the good things we have done because of our love for Him.  We know that God will remember our good works and will reward us in Heaven for them.  I am thankful that God will forgive our sins.  I am thankful that Jesus Christ was crucified for us.  I thank God every day in my heart for His forgiveness, love, faithfulness, mercy and truth and also for sacrificing His only son Jesus Christ for our sins.  If God is our neighbor do we love Him?  We know that He loves us.  I am sure that this is why Jesus said the greatest of all these commandments is to love one another.  Love is shown in truth and in faithfulness, love is not envious or greedy, love is shown in action and not in words.  All this comes down to loving one another. God’s love was shown in truth and in actions, and by His mercy and His faithfulness and grace towards us.  The point of this message was to prove that God is faithful and that God loves us.  The other point of this message was to prove that Jesus is the truth and the life and He will set you free. Amen

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